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Friday Games Charades

Each Friday BCMS has "Friday Games" during our morning meeting. Students can be nominated to participate in the games by teachers. They can be nominated for perfect attendance, doing well on exams, treating others with respect, and more. We play a variety of games. Sometimes it is a silly game like balancing a ball on a cup and sometimes it is a simple game like shooting a basketball. 

Teachers also get in on the fun and can earn jeans days for winning the games. It is a great way to get our Friday started and has been a great thing for the culture of our school. 

Men in BCMS
Chrome Books

Bourbon County Middle School is very excited to start an initiative where every student will get a Chrome Book. There are so many educational resources available on-line in today's educational world. There is also a great program that is becoming more and more popular called "Google Classroom" that our teachers will be able to utilize more effectively with every student having a Chrome Book. 

Students have the opportunity to take their Chrome Book home every night for a mere $15 fee for the year! This fee must be paid before the student is allowed to take their Chrome Book home. Every student must also have a new Acceptable Use Policy form signed. Every student has been given this form. Extra forms can be found wtih each teacher. 


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The BCMS PTSA has purchased 4 picnic tables for the Colonel Courtyard outside of the cafeteria. This space can be used for special lunches, teacher lunch, or outdoor classrooms! We are very thankful to our PTSA for adding these tables to our school.