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6th Grade Orientation will be August 3rd from 4:00-5:30. Drop off and pick up will be at the BCMS gym. This orientation is for incoming 6th graders.

7th and 8th grade Orientation will be August 7th from 4-6 pm. Students and parents can pick up schedules and meet teachers that night at school. 

Summer Hours

Administrators and teachers are scheduled to be in the building throughout the summer. If you are unable to contact someone please try again on another day or email Mr. Earlywine at




BCMS has decided to not accept team requests for the 2017-2018 school year. Each team will be split evenly using information from previous grades, MAP data, KPREP data, and more. Each team will have a similar number of students based on gender, learning style, learning interests, and other characteristics. BCMS is certain that all students will be taught at high levels regardless of the team they are on. 

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The BCMS PTSA has purchased 4 picnic tables for the Colonel Courtyard outside of the cafeteria. This space can be used for special lunches, teacher lunch, or outdoor classrooms! We are very thankful to our PTSA for adding these tables to our school.