Professional Growth and Effectiveness System

Certified Evaluation Plan           Student Growth Goals (K-5)

Evaluation Power Points       Evaluation Roles Sheet

PGESUS-Tech Platform                  BOCO Walkthrough Instrument

General Resources                             

Special Education Scenarios              Peer Observer Training
                                                            Peer Observer Training

Suggested Timelines                       Student Growth Resources
Mid-Year Timeline PPGES                 Growth--Think & Plan
                                                            Student Growth Video
Enduring Skills                                  Guiding Questions 
Power Point- How to Define                Sample Growth Goals
Examples of Endruing Skills                
Student Voice Resources                 Administrator Resources
Rationale                                              Observation Outline
TPGES Questions for 3-5 

TPGES Questions for (6-12)              PPGES Information

Library Media Specialist Questions       Principal Standards    

Speech Lang. Path Questions              PPGES Evaluation Forms

Counselor/SW Questions                  School Walk Process

Parent Letter                                          Conferencing Agenda/Questions

Confidentiality Agreement                      Sources of Evidence 

Parameters                                            Summative Conference Guide
                                                               Sample Reflective Practice