Colonel Award Winners

Jill McKenzie
Public Relations


September -Debbie Williams and Amy Burnell

October-Helena Kornrumpf and Andrea Kiser

November-Jeryl Gozy, Kristen Koch, Keith Madill and Amy Hein

December-Roxanna Rickly and Barbara Arnold


January-Katie Sparks and Nick Flack

February- Jennifer Berk and Kari McGee

March-Lydia Austin and Abby Abney

April-David Poe and Larry Perraut

May-Phyllis Jones and Missy Treilobs

September-Tiffany Bagley and Victoria Leggett

October-Charlene Florence and Lisa Doyle

November-Nancy Watts and Eric Hale

December-Rachael Thompson and Kathy Rose


January-Jessica Richards and David Poe

February-Amy Hynes and Steven Johnson