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Bus Route Times

Please click on the link for bus route times. Please call or email us if you have any questions. 

BCMS Arrival and Dismissal

Information for Arrival and Dismissal:

BCMS Car Riders:

Car riders of all grades will turn on Bethlehem Road and take the first left to join the car rider line (CVS side of school from front view).

Students will remain in their cars while getting their temperatures checked. If above 100.4, student will remain in car and leave with parent. If temperature is normal, student will enter the building.

6th graders will enter at the first entrance with the double doors to the cafeteria.

7th and 8th graders will enter at the second entrance by the steps.

BCMS Bus Riders:

Bus riders will be dropped off at the gym entrance on the backside of the school. 6th graders will enter through the breezeway door down the steps. 7th and 8th will enter through the gym doors.

Students cannot be dropped off any earlier than 7:45am. There will be staff welcoming and directing all students to their correct entrance, getting breakfast and their designated classrooms.

All students will use the same locations for dismissal.

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Information about September 28

Click here to see information about September 28 and the start of in-person instruction. If your child is going to ride the bus there is a VERY important form for you to fill out! You can print if from here or come to school and sign a copy. This must be turned in before Friday at 4:30PM. 



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The BCMS PTSA has purchased 4 picnic tables for the Colonel Courtyard outside of the cafeteria. This space can be used for special lunches, teacher lunch, or outdoor classrooms! We are very thankful to our PTSA for adding these tables to our school. 

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