Teresa Blevins
Family Resource Center


859-987-2193 ext.1186


Sara Young- Advocate/ Recruiter
859-987-2193 ext. 1188

Dinroah Souleytette- recruiter/ Translator
859-987-2183 ext. 2607

Krystal Welch- Advocate/ Tutor
859-987-2189 ext. 3112

National Migrant Hotline: 1-800-234-8848


The Bourbon County Schools Migrant Education Program (MEP) is a federally funded program designed to meet the needs of migratory agricultural workers children by providing both educational and support services. The staff works in close partnership with the parents, health and social service agencies, and the community at large to identify/and serve migrant families.


Who is eligible for the Migrant Education Program?
1. Any family member who has worked, intended to work or is presently working in a seasonal or temporary argricultural position.
2. Any family that has moved into Bourbon county from a different county, city, state or country within the last three years.
3. Any child must be between 3 and 21 years of age.


How long do families qualify for services?
Families qualify for three years from the date of the last qualifying move. The family re-qualifies every time they move across school district boundaries to look for an agricultural job.


What is an agricultural position?
Temporary and season positions may include:
-Any harvesting, picking, cutting, planting… in a field
-Animal and dairy farms


What can the Migrant Education Program do for you and your family?
-The Migrant Education Program assists schools with English Learner (EL) bilingual education, reading and math programs for migrant students.
-The Migrant advocates are available to assist parents and school staff with home communication.
-The Migrant advocates offer referrals for various services offered in the surrounding area.
-Summer activities will be offered to every migrant family.
-There are college scholarship opportunities for outstanding migrant students.


The resource guide includes referrals and information about the following programs, assistance and services: Adult Education, Food, Legal, Medical, Clothing, Preschool, Counseling, Education, and Immigration.


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