STLP Team Win State!!


 The students worked hard all year long perfecting their projects, and completing the goals they had created for them. The AR Sandbox was created to help teach elementary students about landforms, geography, and other physical features.  They took their project to Bourbon Central to teach their concept to the 4th graders there. The classic Arcade Game has made plans to use their machine as an incentive for good behavior and Accelerated Reading rewards, at the end of the year for various schools. Both teams presented their projects at state level 2 judging, and the AR Sandbox was selected to move on to Level 3 Judging.  During Level 3 judging, the group was judged by 6 sets of judges and was very well received by all. The team headed to awards and was selected to come on stage as one of the top 4 teams in the competition.  The BCHS team was then awarded the David Sigler Award of being the Best Technical Project at STLP State.  This means that the BCHS STLP team beat over 55,000 students, 1800 teams, and had one of the best projects in the country. The team will continue competing, learning about technology, and perfecting their project this summer through various opportunities provided by the state of Kentucky. The team also competed in the Cinemaina project and placed 3rd. The team included the following students: Garrett Clark, Levi Curtsinger, Emma Hawkins, Faith Hubbard, Makaila Livingood, McKenzie McGee, Layla Puscas, Hannah Tipton, and Victor (Joe) Torres. The team was supported by various teachers and staff from Bourbon County including, Wesley Tipton, Tom Mills, Scott Muntz, Kourtney Roe, and several others.

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