Vocabulary for 2015-2016

Pre= before

1.  Preapprove (v)= to authorize or give permission in advance

2. Precaution (n)= a measure taken in advance to prevent harm

3.  Precede (v)= to come before something else in time, order or rank

4. Prevent (v=) to stop something from happening before it occurs

5.  Preview (v)= to look at or see something before something or someone else?


1.        Postmark (n)= a mark printed across a stamp after it is received by the post    office.

2.       Postmortem (adj)= occurring or done after death; usually related to an examination of the body after it is dead

3.       Postpone (v)= to do something at a later time or date after it was originally scheduled.

4.       Postproduction (n)= the editing that is done after the movie, film, or video has been recorded.

5.       Postscript (n) a comment, note, or thought written after the letter is finished; p.s.

 Mono = One

1. Monochrome (adj)= having one color; a painting, design, photo or outfit that is only one color or shades of one color

2. Monolingual (adj)= speaking or writing only one language

3. Monologue (n)= a long speech given by one person

4. Monopoly (n)= control of a product or service by one company

5. Monotone (n)= a speech in which every word has one tone of voice

Poly= many

1.    Polydactyl (adj.)= Having many fingers or toes (more than the normal number)

2.    Polygon (n)= A closed plane figure with many straight lines that connect

3.    Polygraph (n)= A machine that writes down many different changes in the body while the person answers questions; a lie detector test

4.    Polysyllabic (adj)= Having many syllables

5.    Polytheism (n)= The belief in many different gods ?

Uni= one

Unicycle (n)= a one wheeled vehicle on which the rider sits and pedals

Unify (v.)= to join together into one group

Unique (adj.)= one of a kind; unusual or rare

Unison (n)= an instance of saying the same words or sounds at the same time; a group that sounds like one

Uniform (adj.)= having the same form, appearance, manner, etc. as others of the same class; conforming to a given standard

              (n.) the official or distinctive clothes or outfit worn by the members of a particular group

Tri- three

1.     Triathlon (n)= a race that combines three activities – swimming, bicycling, and running.

2.     Trilogy (n)= three related movies, plays or novels

3.     Trio (n)= a group of three people or things

4.     Tripod (n)= a three legged stool, table or stand used to hold things such as a camera

5.     Trisect (v)= to cut into three parts

Co-, Com-       Together, With

1.     Coexist (v)= to live together without any problems; to be together in the same time or space

2.    Cohesive (adj)= Stick together; remaining on topic- not random

3.    Coincidence (n)= a sequence of events happening together that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged

4.    Commiserate (v)= to feel sorry for someone, something, or a situation; to feel pity; to gather with someone to feel sadness

5.    Compatible (adj)= able to live together and get along; things that can go together without problems

Contra- Counter- Against, opposite

1.      Contraband (n)= anything that is against the law to buy or sell

2.      Contradict (v)= to express the opposite

3.      Contrary (adj)= completely different; opposite in nature, opinion, or action

4.      Counterfeit (adj)= being the opposite of real; fake or artificial

5.      Counterintuitive (adj)= goes against your gut feeling or common sense

Sub- under

1.       Subconscious (adj) =not fully aware, occurring below your level of thinking and awareness

2.       Subdue (v)= to bring under control

3.       Subject (v)= to put under someone else’s control

4.       Submerge (v)= to put under water

5.       Subordinate (n) =a person who is under someone else in rank, or importance

Super-, Sur-    over, above, beyond

1.      Superb (adj)= splendid; excellent; beyond the expected

2.      Superior (adj)= above average in quality; excellent

3.      Supervisor (n)= a person who stands over or above someone else in rank; a  

        manager in charge of someone else

4.      Surplus (n)= a quantity or amount over and above what is actually needed

5.      Surreal (adj)= beyond what is real or believable; bizarre

Inter-  Between, Among

1. Interactive (adj.)= involving people playing among themselves; an exchange of activity or information between people or people and technology. 

2. Interfere (v)= to get between two people when it is not your problem or issue.

3. Interject (v) =to throw a remark into a conversation between two or more people in which you were not originally involved. 

4. Intermission (n)= to break between parts of a play, opera or concert. 

5. Interpreter (n)= a person who helps translate the languages between different people. 

Circ-, circum-= round, around

  1. Circuit (n)= a path for an electrical current to flow around

  2. Circulate (v)= to move around an area or a place, often  returning to a starting point

     3.   Circumnavigate (v)= to go completely around

     4.   Circumspect (adj)= careful; careful to look around before doing something

     5.   Circumvent (v)= to prevent something from happening by careful thinking; to      get around something

Mal- Bad or badly, wrong, ill

1.     Malfunction (v)= to function imperfectly or badly; fail to operate normally

2.    Malice (n)= a desire to do something bad to someone else; doing something that is wrong on purpose

3.    Malignant (adj)= very bad or harmful; likely to cause death

4.    Malnutrition (n)= a poor diet; bad eating habits that results in poor health

5.    Malpractice (n)= an instance of bad conduct or treatment from a doctor or other professional.

Hypo- Under, Below, Less 

Hypoallergenic (adj)= less likely to cause allergies

Hypocrisy (n)= the practice of being less genuine; pretending to be something you are not

Hypoglycemia (n)= an abnormally low level of sugar in the blood; a blood sugar level below what is needed for healthy blood

Hypotension (n)= having blood pressure that is below normal

Hypothermia (n)= a temperature below the normal body temperature; low body heat

Persevere (v)= to persist, remain constant

Rancid (adj)= rotten, spoiled, disgusting in smell or taste.

Hyper=over, beyond, high

  1. Hyperbole (n)= an overstated comment, exaggeration

  2. Hyperextend (v)=to injure a body part (eg. Knee, elbow) by bending it beyond how far it should normally bend

  3. Hyperglycemia (n)=abnormally high level of sugar in the blood; a blood sugar level above what is needed for healthy blood

  4. Hyperthermia (n)= a very high fever; body temperature over and above what is normal and healthy

  5. Hyperventilate (v)=to breathe rapidly and deeply; to breathe beyond normal or what is necessary

Ped=foot    Man, Manu=hand

  1. Impediment (n)=something that stands in one’s way; an obstacle

  2. Peddler (n)=a person who goes door to door on foot trying to sell a product

  3. Pedestrian (n)=a person who walks across the street on foot

  4. Emancipate (v)=to set free; to lend a hand to freeing someone; to release one’s hands

  5. Mandate(n)=an order or command placed in one’s hands

    (v) to give an order or command to someone else

     6. maneuver(v)  to handily or skillfully go around something

     7. manuscript (n)=a handwritten  or typed piece of writing, such as a book


1.      Dejected (adj)= to feel sad; to feel thrown down in spirit

2.      Injection (n)= a shot; the “throwing” of medicine into the body by a needle

3.      Interjection (n) =a word thrown into a sentence or conversation

4.      Projectile (n)= an object thrown into the air with great force

5.      Projector (n)= a machine that throws an image onto a wall

6.      Reject (v)= to throw something out because it’s defective

7.       Trajectory (n)= the curved path of an object thrown into space

Port = Carry

1.    Deport (v)= to carry or send away from a country; to banish

2.    Export (v)= to carry out of the country (goods, products)

3.    Import (v)= to carry into the country (goods, products)

4.    Portable (adj)=capable of being easily carried

5.    Porter (n)=an attendant who carries travelers’ luggage for them

6.    Portfolio (n)= a case for carrying loose papers

7.    Transport (v)= to carry something from one place to another

Bio= Life               Viv, Vit = Live; Life

1. Antibiotic (n)= a medicine used to save lives because it destroys harmful bacteria and cures infections. 

2. Biopsy (n)= the removal of living tissue from the body for diagnosis examination.

3. Revitalize (v)= to bring something back after it declined in condition or popularity; to breathe new life into something. 

4. Revive (v)= to bring back to live again (ex. administering CPR after a human's pulse has flatlined)

5. Vital (adj)= necessary or essential to life

6. Vivacious (adj)= full of life; fun; lively; animated

7. Vivid (adj)= "as big as life"; brightly colored; daring

Rupt= break                   

1.      Abrupt (adj)= sudden; unexpected; broken into what is expected

2.      Corrupt (adj)= evil; dishonest; to break away from honesty

3.      Rupture (v)= to burst or break open

Cede=to  yield or surrender

4.      Concede (v)= to yield to an opponent that one has lost; to give in; to admit that something is true and valid

5.      Intercede (v)= to mediate; to go between people to help them reach an agreement

6.      Precede (v)= to go before something else in time, order, place or rank

7.       Recede (v)= to go or move back

Vers-, Vert-= turn

1.       Convert (v)= to turn or change your beliefs, or way of thinking

2.       Diversion (n)= something that turns  your attention off of what you are thinking about

3.       Extrovert (n)= a person who turns his or her attention outward toward other people

4.       Introvert (n)= a person who turns his or her attention inward toward him/herself; a shy person

5.       Invert (v)= to turn or flip in the opposite direction

6.       Revert (v)= to turn back to a previous action or thought; to go back in thought or speech; to give back

7.       Subvert (v)= to corrupt or undermine; to turn against an established authority

Tract= pull

1.       Abstract (adj.)= pulled away from direct relation to anything; impersonal as in attitude or views

2.       Contract (v)= to pull together to make smaller in size or bulk; to pull inward; opposite of “expand”

3.       Distract (v)=to pull a person’s attention in another direction

4.       Extract (v)= to pull out by force

5.       Protract (v)=to pull out (in time); to make something take longer; to prolong

6.       Retraction (n)= a statement or promise that is pulled back or taken back

7.       Traction (n)= 1. a pull to the arm or leg muscles to bring a bone back into place when it is dislocated or fractured            ?.

2.?????a pulling of a load, or vehicle on a road, track or other surface; the power, as of tires on pavement, to grip or hold to a surface while moving, without slipping


  1. Construction (n)=what is built, buildings that are created or produced

  2. Destruction (n)=the act of taking down or destroying something that was built

  3. Infrastructure (n)=parts of a city on which the rest of the city was built around; roads, communication, transportation, and schools

  4. Misconstrue (v)= to build the wrong meaning; to misunderstand; to interpret the wrong way

  5. Obstruction (n)=something that blocks the way of things being created or built; something in the way

Socio- companion, friend

1.    Antisocial (adj) against the basic rules of a group; harmful to the people in the group; not sociable

2.    Associate (n) a fellow worker or friend (usually related to an office)

3.    Association (n) a group of people who have gathered based on similar goals or beliefs

4.    Disassociate (v) to break ties with a group; to end a friendship; to sever a relationship

5.    Social (adj) friendly; a person who enjoys being around people

6.    Socialite (n) a person who is important or of high rank within a specific, usually fashionable group

7.     Sociology (n) the study of how people get along

Frail, Fract, Frag= break; shatter

1.    Fraction (n) a part of a whole; a broken piece of something that is no longer whole.

2.    Fracture (n): a break, often in a bone

3.    Fragile (adj): so delicate that it could break easily; easily damaged

4.    Fragment (n): an incomplete sentence; a piece of something that has been broken

5.    Frail (adj): being easily broken or destroyed

6.    Infraction (n): a broken rule; a violation

7.    Refract (v) to bend light so that it looks like it is broken

Cred= believe

1.    Accreditation (n)    granting approval or belief in a school

2.    Credential (n)    a document that proves a person is believable

3.    Credible (adj)    believable, reliable

4.    Creditor (n) a person who believes that he will be paid back the money that he loaned

5.    Credulous (adj)    tending to believe too easily; easily convinced; easily fooled

6.    Creed (n) a set of religious beliefs or principles

7.    Discredit (v)    to refuse to believe; to reject as untrue








































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