Digital BreakOut EDU


Haunts of the Hollywood Hotel

Big Spender

Old McDell Had a Farm

Carnival Game Craziness  (Probability)                                                                Surface Area & Volume

Rudolph's Hide & Seek   

Lost Pages  (Non-Fiction Text Features)

Secret Agent Mission     (Problem Solving, Critical Thinking)

Zombie Outbreak   (Team Building)

Don't Fall for the Phish   (Media Literacy - Phishing)

Measure the Mystery   

Catch the Bus

Mr. Big Ideas   (Fractions)

Mystery of "Lock-ness"     

Building Blunder   (Area & Perimeter)

Happy Trails

A2 + B2 = ?     (Pythagorean Theorem)

Get the Broadway Show    (Coordinate Grids, Ordered Pairs, Graphing)

Let the Games Begin   (Diameter, Radius, Circumference)

Get Me Home if You Can 




Hanukkah Celebration

Winter Wonder

Bourbon County High School