Pre-AP Chemistry  

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The purpose of this course is to develop a solid understanding of chemical concepts and principles and how these concepts are used in practical applications.  Throughout the course, key concepts will be related to real-world situations conceptually, with word problems, and with experimental data. 


This is a demanding course.  We will use mathematical concepts and algebraic concepts on a daily basis.  It is essential that you participate and try.  Most students do not immediately understand the concepts.  It is important that you do not give up and keep trying.  You can be successful if you do the work.


It is absolutely critical that you do not fall behind.  The concepts build on each other and it is very difficult to catch up.  We will work through numerous examples and problems sets together as a class to help everyone understand. However, to be successful you will have to put in additional work outside of the classroom. I am available almost every day for extra help.

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