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This course is designed to be the equivalent of a college freshman biology course.  The content has been set by the College Board and is organized around four “Big Ideas”.  Like all college courses, this course will require a significant commitment of time and effort both in the class and outside of the class.  This is NOT a typical high school course.  To be successful, we will need to integrate and apply a huge amount of information on a daily basis.  We have to move at a rapid pace to cover all of the required AP topics.  It is absolutely essential that you do the work and do not fall behind.


This course has two major goals. 1) To be able to understand and apply enough college level biology to pass the AP Biology test in May.  2) To develop the analytical skills and habits that will help you to be successful in college and the work place.


The best way to succeed is to put forth consistent and regular effort.  Trying to “cram” the information just before the test will result in failure.  All of the assignments are designed to help you understand and apply the critical concepts.  I am available almost every day for extra help.

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