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Kentucky Summative Assessment Results for Bourbon County Schools:

Proficient Reading: 26% (State Average: 29%) | Distinguished Reading: 13% (State Average: 24%) | Proficient Math: 23% (State Average: 21%) | Distinguished Math: 5% (State Average: 11%) |

Past Colonel Award Winners


September -Debbie Williams and Amy Burnell

October-Helena Kornrumpf and Andrea Kiser

November-Jeryl Gozy, Kristen Koch, Keith Madill and Amy Hein

December-Roxanna Rickly and Barbara Arnold


January-Katie Sparks and Nick Flack

February- Jennifer Berk and Kari McGee

March-Lydia Austin and Abby Abney

April-David Poe and Larry Perraut

May-Phyllis Jones and Missy Treilobs

September-Tiffany Bagley and Victoria Leggett

October-Charlene Florence and Lisa Doyle

November-Nancy Watts and Eric Hale

December-Rachael Thompson and Kathy Rose


January-Jessica Richards and David Poe

February-Amy Hynes and Steven Johnson

March-Keegan Hatton, Ernie Robinson

April-Jill Maynard, Nelson Faris, Anthony Faris

May-Megan Lahde, Daniel Dampier, Kathy Shiflet

September- Beckie Greer and Yvonne Hensley 

October- Tom Mills, Wes Tipton, Scott Muntz, and Jacob Ingram 

November- Ashleigh Toy, Drew Perraut, and Matt Perraut

December- Randy Taulbee and Donna Sparks 


January- Sarah Sturgeon and Lesley Brown

Feburary- Salena Hurter and Tricia Weiderman

March- Courtney Crace and Mary Jackson

April- Rachel Poe and Kathryn Kallay

May- Ann Davidson and Jordan Stanfield

September- Russell Baxter and Charlotte Jones

October-Clifford Slusher and Melinda Malin

November-Deanna Berry, Beth Soileau, Jackie Ingram, Nicole Whitfield, Emma Bussell, Charity Grant

December-Judy Otte and Christian Ernest


January-Sara Meeks and Leslie Covington

February- Matt Hill and Sarah Rose

March- Jill Hurt and Ashley Jacoby 

September- Shelby Abrams, Morgan Adkins,Andrea Antoniewicz, Megan Sturgeon, and Angela Van Valkenburg,

October- Wes Johnson and Jessica Richards

November- Scooter Robinson and Holly Terrell

December- Kristy Carter and Brittany Rogers


January- Mike Clem and Nate McCombs

February- Diane Hamilton and Sean Rankin

**Due to COVID-19 and Virtual Learning Colonel Awards were put on hold for the rest of the year.


January-Christine Scenters, Kim Graves and Beth Barnett

February-Calyn Crowe and Brandon Case

March-Mallory Mays, Amy Fields, Scooter Robinson, Allison Alexander, Katie Hurst

April- Retta Wilhite and Sara Meeks

May- Chuck Kiser and John Hodge

June- Vernon Adams and Tiffany Adams

July - Karen Donovan and Karen Francis

August- Gypsie Jones and David Hooper

September- Donna Sparks and Kim Graves

October- Kimberly Damron and Katie Manning

November - Jennifer Hinkson and Michelle Cleaver

December- Charles Baldwin and Abby Brown


January- Shari Klausman and Kathy Jo Elkins

February - Sarah Garrison and Alicia Davis

March- Deanna Langfels and Tonia Darbro

April- Blake Shepherd and Lynn Brown

May-Wally Spencer and Vincent Buttice