Veterans Day at Bourbon Central Elementary

Veterans who attended the Veterans Day Program at Bourbon Central Elementary were guests of honor.  The Welcome was by Principal Keith Madill  followed by a special performance by the Bourbon County Jazz Band.  Bryna Graves, a student at Bourbon Central, lead in the Pledge of Allegiance and read the poem "Honor Our Military".  Ms. Lana Fryman, Assistant Principal, and Principal Keith Madill read the name of each Veteran honored.  Luke Earlywine then read a poem, "Veterans Day".   Each Veteran was presented a individual flag  lead by Ms. Susie Copher, counselor at the school.  Mr. Kevin Akers, music teacher, lead the student body in "Hero In This Place" which can be viewed by clicking the arrow on the photo.  A reception was held in the cafeteria for all veterans and their families immediately following the ceremony.

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Veterans Day at Cane Ridge Elementary

Veterans were honored this year at 7:40 in the morning on Veterans Day.  The program began with a Welcome from Principal Dana Hill followed with the Pledge of Allegiance.  The student body of Cane Ridge stood and sang "You're a Grand Old Flag"  and the Tag Readers were Emily Hunter and Lilia Steen.  This years speaker was Veteran Eric Toohey who spoke of his years in the Reserves. Amy Burnell, Dean of Students, then recognized each of the Veterans.  This was followed by Tag Readers Julia Bingham and Rheagan Evans.  The closing song,"This Land is Your Land" was sang by the student body and lead by Rhonda Compton.  Veterans were guests at a reception in the cafeteria  for coffee, punch and donuts.

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The Classroom of Kim Kearns and Rhonda Watson

This video was shot during a morning session in the classroom of Kim Kearns.  She is a kindergarten teacher at Cane Ridge Elementary.  They are going through various tools to teach the students basic sounds, numbers and days of the week. Her aid, Rhonda Watson, was working with a student individually in another area of the room during this video. 

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"Elvis" at Bourbon Central Elementary

A special appearance of the great Elvis Presley happened at assembly for Bourbon County Middle School!  Elvis (Principal Travis Earlywine) was accompanied by two students on the guitar, George Hisel and Dalton Derosett. Everyone was greatly honored to have witnessed such an outstanding performance.You can view the video by clicking on the arrow on the photo.

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Colonelette's Perform Thriller

Every other year during the week of Halloween, the Bourbon County High School Colonettes  perform the Michael Jackson classic, "Thriller".  Not only is the dance routine entertaining and fun, but each Colonellette have their own very creative costume for the dance.  This years version was  at half time of the high school football game. By clicking on the arrow, you can watch the routine in its entirety.The dance team is  directed by Candace Bowman.

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Bourbon Middle School Choral Concert

 It was a fun night of music, fun and "Thiller" when the Choral Department of Bourbon County Middle School had their Fall Choral Concert.ItTuesday Evening, October 27 at the Middle School. It was Tuesday Evening, October 27 at the Middle School Auditorium.  The Program was as follows:

 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Chorus-"Dona Nobis Pacem".  6th Grade Chorus- "Alleluia", "The Wind" ,"Listen to the Rain", "Duck Tape" and "This is Halloween";  7th grade Chorus-"Benedictus", "Amanie Utupe", "Mansions in the Sky", "Yonder Come Day" and "My Girl";  8th Grade Chorus-"Agnus Dei", "Yesu Ni Wangu", "Tiger Tiger", "St. Louis Blues" and "Working My Way Back To You";  6th Grade Bourbon Bellas-"Play Ball!", "Flashlight" and "Thriller".  The Choruses are under the director of Sue Ellen Ballard.

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Bourbon County Migrant Education

High school students who are part of the Bourbon County Migrant Education Program attended a summer camp at University of Kentucky this

past summer. Camp was Monday through Thursday and was offered for our regional migrant students. They were paired with other students from all over the state. The students shared their favorite moments of the week at the Bourbon County Board Meeting in August. Their experiences included watching a live gall bladder surgery, touring the UK hospital's trauma unit, tour of the helipad, and hearing from numerous speakers from a variety of professions. Students spoke of future endeavors including becoming a medical interpreter, joining the Marines, and attending the Craft Academy in Morehead, Kentucky. Assiting with the presentation was Krystal Clark, El Teacher/Migrant Tutor.



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According to state law 704:KAR 7:160, use of restraint and seclusion in Bourbon County Schools is defined in board policy 09.2212. To view this policy click here.

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