Middle School Staff Opening Day Routine

A race in slow motion won Bourbon Middle School $2500.00 for use in technology for their school at this years opening day program.  Members of the staff dressed and wore face masks to appear as principals from the different schools.  Each of the different principals were distracted during the race except for the Middle School Assistant Principal, Nadine Hale who won the race.  The end of the clip is when the announcement was made that the Middle School had won.

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Bourbon Central Elementary Opening Day Routine

"My Sheroana", a play on the Principals name, was the theme for the Bourbon Central Elementary Routine.  Principal Joey Sheroan along with Assistant Principal Keith Madill, appeared in muscle costumes with the staff surrounding them for a fitness dance and fitness activities.

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Cane Ridge Elementary Staff Opening Day Routine

"Let's Get Physical" was the routine that the staff of Cane Ridge Elementary did for their opening day routine this year.  They did a fitness dance routine which ties in with the theme for this school year, Fit Mind and Body. 

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High School Staff Opening Day Routine

Principal David Horseman read a poem as the staff of Bourbon County High School acted out the parts of the poem.  Staff from each building competed for $2500 in technology for their school.

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North Middletown Elementary Staff Opening Day Routine

The donut sheriff chased the donut eaters during the Opening Day Routine for North Middletown Elementary. The staff did a variety of exercise activities while being served boxes of donuts.  Suddenly the Donut Sheriff came and grabbed the donuts from their hand and threw them away.

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Preschool/Headstart Staff Opening Day Routine

A transformation occurred during the Opening Day routine of the Preschool/Headstart Staff.  Various ways to exercise were presented by the staff as one staff member was a couch potato eating potato chips. At the end of the routine the couch potato started exercising and became suddenly thin as the others surrounded her.

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Central Office Opening Day Routine

Maintainence Staff began this routine lounging on sofas and being shamed by the other staff.  Bicycle riders then came out and circled the gym as the group proceded with a exercise dance including barbells, throwing balls, yoga and other exercise activities.

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