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Colonelette Dance Team Do Halloween Show Colonelette Dance Team


Football fans had a special treat at half time when the Bourbon County Colonettes did their annual Halloween performance.  The dance was the the song,"Let the Bodies Hit the Floor". 

They plan on doing the show at one of the  basketball game this winter as well. Members of the dance team are Makenzie Perry, Hope Motley, Hailey Hunsinger, Casey Beheler, Maranda Barnett, Macy Lail, Rachel Graves-Dobson, Addie Lindsay, Gema Najera, Kat childress, Graceyn Earlywine, Maddie Walters.  The group is under the direction of Candace Beauman.

Award Winning Bourbon County Marching Band

This year's program is titled "Perspective." When asked about the inspiration behind this year's masterpiece, Mr. Hale said , "It is dedicated to the wise, good, wild, and grave men out there including my father." The concept of the show is narrated with excerpts from the Dylan Thomas poem "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night." 

 The opener, The Firebird Suite by Igor Starvinsky, represents the wise and good side of a man. Frank Ticheli's Blue Shade's is used to represent the wild side in all men. The ballad, "I am not Yours" by Z. Randall Stroope represents the grave man and how he sees his life. The closer "Dark Night of the Soul" by Ola Gjeilo represents the author's father and his struggle to accept death. The Bourbon County Marching band is directed by Eric Hale with assistance by Michael Stone. 


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Instructional Rounds- Bourbon County High School

September 2016

What a wonderful day to observe learning at BCHS!  I can’t tell you enough how proud I am of our high school.  The faculty and staff members have created such a positive, warm, and safe learning environment for all students.  High expectations were seen many times throughout the instructional rounds process.  The student engagement was the greatest I have ever observed.  BCHS educators have done an excellent job with using cell phones in a positive way.  Cell phones were being used as learning tools during our observations.  I appreciate the high expectations and the many different instructional strategies that were being implemented.  I saw lots of student centered learning, high level discussions, and problem solving.  The student behavior at Bourbon County High School is excellent.  We need to invite others in to see what exemplary student behavior and classroom management looks like.  Students were very kind and respectful.  Our teachers and staff members have been great role models for our students.  I wish BCHS the best of luck this year!